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Made by Hand, Baked with Love

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In 2019, Blue Cake added the award-winning pies from Honey Pies to the menu. With their famous, flaky all-butter crust and classic, scratch made fillings, we offer pies for all seasons in 9" whole sizes and 4" mini's- in the case daily and for pre-orders online.


Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pie- our flaky butter crust with a fudgy cocoa filling- it's one of our most popular pies!


Coconut Meringue
Flaky butter crust filled with coconut cream filling and toasted meringue.

Apple Pie Whole.jpeg

Apple Pie
Flaky crust, spiced granny smith apple filling and topped with choice of double crust
or crumble. 


Arkansas Possum Pie
Spiky meringue hides layers of cream cheese filling, toasted pecans and chocolate cream filling in a flaky crust.


Pecan Pie
A silky, brown sugar & Karo custard filling loaded with pecans. Our version has a splash of cream and a pinch of salt to temper the sweetness.

Chocolate Pecan Pie
Flaky crust, chocolate custard and pecans finished with a ganache drizzle.

Lemon Icebox Pie
Graham Cracker crust, creamy lemon custard and fresh whipped cream. 


Key Lime Pie
Graham Crust baked with creamy & tart lime custard, topped with whipped cream and graham cracker crumbs.

Banana Pudding 8x8.jpg
Pumpkin Pie.jpg

Banana Pudding
Also available in pie form, our banana pudding has layers of vanilla pudding, fresh bananas and pie crumble with whipped cream.

Peanut Butter Pie
Graham Crust filled with peanut butter cream, whipped cream, chocolate ganache drizzle and roasted peanuts.

Cherry Crumb Pie
Cherry filling baked into our flaky pie crust with a crumb topping.

Pumpkin Pie
Spiced pumpkin custard baked into our flaky pie crust. Topped with fresh whipped cream on request. (seasonal)

Pie Shelf Life at Home

Your pies are always made fresh without preservatives. Once you get your pie home, here is a list of our recommended storing suggestions

Fruit Pies, Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Pecan Pie

  • 1 day stored at room temperature

  • 2 days stored in the refrigerator

If you’re not planning to serve your pie for several days, we recommend freezing your whole pie wrapped tightly in plastic wrap for up to a week

  • Thaw overnight

  • Freshen in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees

Cream or Meringue Pies

  • 1-2 days stored in the refrigerator

  • We do not recommend freezing cream pies

Cheesecakes, Peanut Butter or Icebox Pies

  • 3-4 days stored in the refrigerator

  • Freeze tightly wrapped up to two weeks

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